LRQA ISO Standards Update: Progress on the revision to food safety standard ISO 22000

The international Food Safety Management System (FSMS) standard ISO 22000 is the latest ISO standard to progress in the International Organization for Standardization’s (ISO) revision process, with the release of the Committee Draft (CD) version.

Based upon publically available information, the final version of the new standard is currently expected early 2017 with a Draft International Standard (DIS) expected mid-2016, although these timescales are subject to change.

Technical Committee, ISO/TC 34/SC 17 is responsible for the new standard and more information about the revision to ISO 22000 can be found on the committee pages of the ISO website.  

About ISO 22000

ISO 22000 is the global food safety management system standard for the whole food supply chain, from growers and producers to processors and packaging, transport and point of sale. It extends to suppliers of non-food products and services, like cleaning and equipment manufacturers, and can be used by organisations of any size.

ISO 22000 specifies the requirements for a food safety management system that involves interactive communication, system management, and prerequisite programmes. The standard focuses on supply chain assurance, has management system principles embedded, and is aligned with HACCP principles of Codex Alimentarius.

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